Established Goldensunda on 1999/11/23
WTB P=1.25mm series developed and mass production
WTB P=2.0mm series developed and mass production
To introduce the latest cable cutting machine by automation, established cable production line and started MP
WTB P=1.0mm series developed and mass production
Connectors for LCD Inventor developed and mass production
Passed ISO 9001 2000 Certification
WTB P=0.8mm connector developed successfully.
To mass-production the wafer and housing with automatic machine.
Started Business with Siemens successfully in hearing aid correction cable. Build Up Electronics Development
Developed Blue Tooth System.
Receive OEM order from Japan DAYTONA for Blue Tooth Wireless communication products.
Successfully developed auto connectors into auto market in Europe and America.
Started business with NEC and be NEC qualified supplier.
Integrated vehicle safety control apparatus developed successfully and patented.
OUTDOOR AP developed successfully.
USB cable into KUBO E-Book certification of north America.
Passed ISO9001 2000_2008 certification.
First completed full-duplex transmission wheel Bluetooth device A to DP in Taiwan.
Imported ISO 13485 / GMP Certification
Technical cooperation with the Japan Company. Development of dedicated bluetooth radio transmitter, used in various professional radio manufacturers. Ex: Motorola, KenWOOD, I Com…etc.
Bluetooth will import medical information transmission. Development of wireless three high measuring machine (Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Blood lipids) for biological technology company . OEM wireless blood glucose meters and test strips calibration wafer.
In cooperation with customer to develop human health machine "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator".
Passed ISO 13485 / GMP Certification.
Power connector developed and mass production, used in electric surfboard, electric boats.
Battery connector developed and mass production, used in cellular phone, tablet computer, notebook.
Research and development of Bluetooth 4.0 Monitor Related Products.
Research and development of medical patch conductor transmission.
Developed basic type of 3D printer parts manufacturing with the National University.
Received ODM from auto factory, production vehicle wireless charging module.
3D Printer developed successfully. Start o sell DIY kits.
Investment in social welfare activities
Imported EICC Certification
Imported CE Certification
Office and factory combined together to a new location.
New Approval of Certificate IATF16949
New Verson of Certificate IS9001:2015
New Verson of Certificate ISO13485 2016